Course Credit

Nursing credits97
General Education credits36
Program Credit (Generic)174
Program Credit (with LPN)148
Program Credit (with RN)70

Major Courses

The following courses are required to meet the General Education requirement:

Math- 3 credit hours

Humanities- 3 credit hours

English- 3 credit hours

Technology- 3 credit hours

Social and Behavioral Science - 3 credit hours

15 elective credit hours

Physical and Biological Science- 6 credit hours

Grading System

Students must achieve a minimum grade of “C” or 70% on all tests and assignments. All test and assignments are graded according to the following scale:


Fail69 and below
Grading for laboratory and externship courses are pass-fail. The school maintains a certain amount of flexibility in its testing and evaluation of individual students according to utilization of the skills acquired.